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By Morgan Gordon

April 24, 2020

On Tuesday night, at the YA prayer time, our very own Brett Molnar shared from Ezekiel 37. This is the account of the valley of the dry bones. If you don’t know this story I strongly suggest you check it out. It will blow your mind!

Since she shared, God has been bringing it to my mind again and again. I imagine myself standing at the edge of that valley staring down at that sea of dry, sun-bleached bones. I can’t think of a more hopeless sight.

There seems to be no possible way to change this situation. There is nowhere to go from here. But God. BUT GOD!! He speaks and the impossible happens! He breathes and life is restored!

We are in strange times my friends. There are moments, maybe even days, when it feels like we are in a dark valley with no way out. We can’t see to the other side. We don’t know how this story will end. We are dry. I have been finding it hard to stay out of my own head during this time of isolation.

I get bogged down in the fear of the unknown.

What will happen to the economy?

What will the lasting impact be on society?

What will happen with my job?

My finances?

Are my friends doing ok?

What about my family?

When will this all end?

When will things go back to normal?

Will things ever be the same?

All of these worries swirl around in my head and steal my focus from the present. My short sightedness distracts me from the blessings in the slower pace of these days. It is easy for me to let my emotions take over and anxiety sets in.

I want to remind you all today that where our strength ends, God’s begins.

Where we see impossibility, God sees possibility. 

It is all about perspective: where our finite minds see a dead end, our infinite God sees the big picture.

I have found comfort in remembering that He alone knows what the outcome of these days will be. And come what may, He is walking with us and at the same time waiting for us, and preparing a way on the other side. Sink into His peace and look for the blessing He has for you in this time.

He is here in the valley and is calling us to deeper faith and broader perspective.

He is our calm in the chaos.