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By Andrew Bryant

April 2, 2020

What's the worst thing about COVID-19? Personally, the fact that I haven’t been getting my regular Iced Capp… 

I remember days before this whole thing blew up, I went on a binge where I ate fast food like 3 days in a row. I remember thinking to myself, “man, I gotta cut this back,"  but If I had known that I would be stuck in my house for the next month, I would have binged longer.

When this virus popped up, I found myself checking for updates on it daily. I remember when I heard that COVID-19 had made its way to Canada, when the NBA, and when the University decided to push classes to an online format. I heard about the crazy toilet paper situation and about all the empty shelves in grocery stores. It came to a point where I was either learning how to avoid COVID-19, reading the newest news update, or thinking about how I would survive the apocalypse if this pandemic destroyed the world.

I found it crazy how fast the world was changing, and reflecting on it now, how much time I spent thinking about the world’s circumstances. It’s understandable to spend time thinking about this, but the more I thought about it, the more worry and fear began to set in. COVID-19 took so much of my attention, and quite frankly, it was and still is scary. However, I know that God is still good, He still reigns supreme, and He is in control. It has been my personal challenge to slow down my focus on the virus and remind myself to give more attention to God than I do to COVID-19.

One main reason that we walk through difficult times, such as these, is to learn to lean on God's strength rather than our own.  

I have found that as I have turned to God, in the midst of this terrifying context, He has met me and allowed me to experience His peace and pure joy. I have praised and cried out to God, and as I worship him, I find myself calm, and any fear or anxiety fades away.

I have been so thankful for God. I know the circumstances people find themselves in today are not ideal. Still, the fact that we have access to God, to the joy, peace, and hope found in Jesus, is something that I am so grateful for.

I want to encourage whoever is reading this to slow down and to spend more time being with God than you spend worrying about the Coronavirus. Reflect on the character of God and the promises he makes us His children. 

One tool that you can try to incorporate that will help slow down your life is Lectio Divina. All you need to do is pick a small piece of scripture, and yes, I said small. I recommend Psalm 23, it's very popular, but that is because it is solid.

Find a quiet place to read, take a few deep breaths, and begin reading slowly. Pretend you're a sloth or a turtle, and really focus on individual words or phrases.

After you have read it once, reread it a second time just as slow, but this time feel free to repeat verses, phrases, or words that resonate with you.

After reading, spend some time thinking about what has resonated with you, pray, and just chill if you want.

I hope that this helped relieve you of some boredom or, at the very least, helped you fall asleep.

Peace and Blessings.

🦥 🐢