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Our Vision

A young adult community on the journey to be more like Jesus.

Our Mission

embrace all people

In our relationship with others, we believe that community is a crucial part of Jesus' church.

Here at Elim Young Adults, we strive to intentionally invest in the lives of people who are a part of the YA community, Elim Church, Saskatoon community and our world.

We do this through Community Groups, Services, Missions and Serve Projects. Community is infused into the DNA here at Elim YA, because we believe that community matters.

Experience God's fullness

In our relationship with Jesus, it is important to lead ourselves first.

Each individual member is encouraged to seek to be a man or woman who are committed to growing in love and obedience to God and reliance on the Spirit. Through this committed relationship with Jesus, we purposefully seek out to generosity with our individual time, resources and abilities, as a way to experience the fullness of God within His church and community.

We do this through actively participating in the mission of the church, joyfully contributing our resources and passionately using our abilities to experience heaven on earth. Within our community, you'll be given opportunities to give, serve and contribute to our awesome YA Family.

equip god's people

Discipleship is a primary way Jesus expected to spread the Good news of the Gospel and as such, we follow in his steps.

Equipping our YA community with meaningful worship, biblical teaching, and intentional relationships that point people toward Jesus Christ, so that we can ultimately become more like Jesus.

We do this through Tuesday Night Services, our Elim YA Podcast, Community Groups and the Make Us One worship night.

Engage our world

We believe Jesus came not to condemn the world, but to save the world. As such, we seek to be a community that extends grace and love to people both inside and outside our church family.

We live to share Jesus' love with those who do not know him with out speech, always being full of grace and seasoned with salt (Col. 4:6).

Throughout the year, the young adults community will be intentionally serving and engaging the world around us. And maybe even globally. Stay tuned for service opportunities that will engage our world.

Elim Church

We are the young adults community within Elim Church. If you would love to know more about Elim and other ways you can get connected outside of young adults. You can head on over to